How do I create a pricing table to use in my RFP?

As a user issuing RFPs, you want to be able to collect, analyze and present vendor pricing data in one clear format so that you can determine which vendor best suits your organization's or your client's needs.
The pricing table feature allows you to convert existing tables to pricing tables or to create new tables when you toggle the "Pricing Table" on. 
The pricing table feature has 4 basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and associates values with the unit of measure lists.
When vendors receive the RFP, they can enter the quantity, fee information, select the unit of measure, and then the totals column will auto-populate.
Once vendors submit their RFP responses, you will be able to see the total amount of all of the rows in the side by side comparison page of the "View Submissions" and "Scoring" tabs.
If you want to see a detailed breakdown of each client’s pricing information, you can click “View Details” on the Scoring “By Section” view or look at the “By Vendor” view to see one-at-a-time.
You will then be able to export that data and view both the "Pricing Summary" and "Pricing Details."

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