How do I start a Negotiation?

A Negotiation is a conversation you can have with specific vendors who have responded to your Questionnaires (RFP/RFI/Profiles). Your scorers (evaluators) can initiate a Negotiation. 

The negotiation is between the RFP Point of Contact (POC) and the Vendor POC. Essentially, you will be rejecting the response back to the specific Vendor for their individual response re-submission.

Once the responses are viewable by you (responses are submitted), you can initiate a Negotiation. For example, if you need more information you can request it.

In the example below, the initial Vendor POC response was less than desirable. Let's initiate a Negotiation. 
Initially, I scored this response a 1 out of 5 and made an internal note of my analysis. 

You can click on the Negotiations tab to begin a Negotiation. This kicks off a message to the Vendor POC. The body of the message contains your text. 

The Vendor POC receives the message and the link takes them directly into the Proposal. The Section is highlighted for visibility. 

The individual Question is marked with the info-icon. This response is Rejected on their side, and initiates a task for their completion. 

The Vendor POC will update their reply which is sent back to the Issuer for evaluation.

Once the Vendor POC has updated their response and marked it as completed/approved; a notification will appear on the RFP Issuer project's Dashboard. 
The RFP Issuer POC will be notified via email, and the email link brings them directly to the updated response. 

The RFP Issuer will now have the opportunity to review the Vendor's updated responses.

Now the Negotiation is complete! 


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