Can I modify the numbering in a Proposal?

Can I modify the numbering in a Proposal?

1 - If an Issuer originally sent you an invitation to respond to an RFP or Profile through RFP360:

Then the numbering is set by the RFP issuer. It cannot be changed.

2 - If your team has self-initiated by any of the following: 
  • RFP Import of an Excel, Word, or PDF. Assuming that the goal is to Export back into the original .xlsx or .docx, numbering in our system does not really matter.
  • Creating a Proposal from scratch within the system by adding a section manually or uploading from the Bulk Upload Sections option (with Proposal_sections_upload.xlsx), you will be given more flexibility on how you can move Sections and Questions around. See this Help Article on how to Move Sections and this one on how to Move Questions. With that being said, we currently only have the normal numbering convention like these:
• 1, 2, 3... for Sections
• 1.1, 1.2, 1.3... for Sub Sections
• 1, 2, 3... Questions
If your client document has unique numbering, we recommend that your team brings that numbering/lettering over with your questions. While you are Exporting your Proposal/Profile you are able to suppress our numbering by turning the Automatic Numbering toggle from ON to OFF. The ON state defaults. With this turned OFF our imposed numbering will not carry over to your exports.

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